Common Sense Party


John Kelley - Founder

Welcome to the Common Sense Party (CSP) website. At the forefront of our party is John Kelly, a man passionate about creating real, practical change within Cairns that will improve the quality of life for ratepayers. John is more than just a political candidate; he's a local resident who deeply understands the concerns of his fellow citizens, and has firsthand experience with the devastating effects of flooding.

Coming from a humble background and leveraging his vast experience in the engineering field, John possesses the wisdom and tenacity to tackle the grandest of challenges our city faces. A self-made man, John's journey took him from operating heavy machinery to owning a company, accruing commendable professional merit and expertise over the years. The seeds of dedication and hard work he sowed back then have blossomed into a profound vision to not only modernize our city, but also make it safer for everyone.

Tragically, John lost his son in the 2011 Brisbane floods - a personal experience that fuels his resolve to prevent a similar disaster from unfolding in Cairns. He has highlighted areas in Cairns that pose potential risks in the face of extreme weather conditions. The CSP, under John's leadership, thus aims to preempt future catastrophes by investing in necessary infrastructural development.

Being a part of the Common-Sense party means to share the aspiration for a safer, more progressive Cairns. We advocate for substantial reduction in council rates, improving our road systems and parking facilities, creating new opportunities for our youth via traineeships, and ensuring comprehensive city maintenance.

We believe in investing in the future, and our platform underscores that belief. Our party is not just about implementing change. It's about having the foresight to understand the necessity of that change.

They say it all begins from home, and John Kelly has transformed that adage into a political proposition with the Common Sense Party. He represents a voice that's brave, experienced, and crucially, one of us. Welcome to our collective vision of a better Cairns. Together, we can make it a reality.


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