Common Sense Party

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Leading Cairns with
Common Sense!

Leading Cairns with
Common Sense!

What We Stand For

Reduce Crime

Crime has gotten out of hand and something needs to be done.

Hospital Access

Improve accessibility to Cairns Base Hospital, and make it FREE.

Reclaim Esplanade

Reclaim 20% of the Esplanade and create a beautiful beach.

Lower Rates

We aim to lower council and water rates by 10% each year.

Improve Footpaths

Footpaths have been left neglected, we plan to change that.

Rego for cyclists / scooters

Cyclists and scooters need to stop getting away with breaking the laws.

Lets Get Things Done


Unmaintained footpaths / roads

Youth Crime

Flooding Issues

Hard to access hospital

Paid parking at hospital

High rates


Youth training for civil industry

Buy Civil Machinery

Fix all problems by putting youth to worky


Lower youth crime

Maintained footpaths / roads

Easier access to hospital

No Flooding Issues

Lower council / water rates

Free parking at hospital